Top 10 Dinner Recipes

Top 10 Dinner Recipes

There are some delicious recipes in this top 10 list. I could have easily made this my top 20 list and had like 10 number ones. So hard to narrow down a year and half of delicious recipes! I hope you enjoy!

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10. Spicy Chicken Wrap

Not every top 10 recipe needs to be ridiculously over the top gourmet. Half this recipe is pre-made, but hey you can still have convenient healthy options. This is a family favourite, Jordan and I make this regularly on the weekends. It takes less than 5 minutes to prep and everyone looks forward to this meal. Honestly there is not really even a recipe for this dish. It is a whole grain tortilla, with Pinty’s buffalo chicken bites from Costco, Sweet Kale salad from Eat Smart (just the salad not prepared with dressing), cherry tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing. 

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9. Spaghetti squash mac & cheese

As my original review said: “Do I really need to try and sell you on this one? Just look at the picture!” Recipe inspired by: B.Britnell Life. One Meal At A Time

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8. Coconut shrimp tacos

This was amazing and husband approved! The lime zest in the coconut crust was a genius addition to this recipe! Recipe from: House wife in training files 

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7. Lazy Cabbage Rolls

I don’t know why this dish grew on me so much! My original review only gave it a 4/5, but every time I scroll through my past recipes I always want to make this dish again. It was simple in flavour and not overly elaborate. It did require a bit more salt, but it was such a wonderful comfort dish! Recipe from: All Recipes

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6. Grilled Fajitas

 The grilled flavour adds so much to this classic dish! It was one of Jordan’s favourite dishes! Even though it smoked up the entire house, it was definitely worth it!!! 

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5. Glazed anything!

Okay so I kind of cheated. I struggled to narrow down this top 10 list. So for number 5 on the list I went with 2 of my favourite glazed dinner dishes! The glazed salmon was one of my first huge successes since starting this blog. My husband who hates fish, especially salmon, finished his entire portion and loved it! The glazed pork AMAZING!!! It MUST be served with with the cauliflower rice!  

Glazed Salmon 

Original recipe: Let the Baking Begin

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Glazed Pork

Original Recipe (from one of my favourite blogs): The Food Charlatan 

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4. Spaghetti Squash Yakisoba

I could eat this every single night for dinner! The entire family loved this dish!!! Jordan went back for seconds and said he really enjoyed it! It was light but filling and packed with flavour.

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3. Dill Pickle Soup

 I was so baffled by this recipe at first, I was undecided if I liked it, I kept taking a bite trying to decide, then I realized the whole bowl was gone! I have not made this recipes since it first debuted on the blog, but every time I scroll by this dish I instantly crave it. I must make this again soon! So so SO GOOD! This is our families new comfort food! 

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2. Pesto stuffed pork chop

The wonderful saltiness of the feta with the freshness of the pesto, and the wonderful sticky texture of the balsamic glaze with the kick of the red pepper flakes is perfection in this dish! YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!

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1. Balsamic Grilled Chicken with Spicy Honey Bacon Glaze

All I can say is … you’re welcome! I promise that this will become your new go-to dish! Every time I make this dish EVERYONE include children rave! The savoury balsamic, steak spice marinade with the sticky sweet bacon glaze on top is a heavenly combination!

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