The West Coast Adventure

The West Coast Adventure

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I hope you have had a wonderful summer! I am sorry I have been MIA. It has been crazy busy these past 2 months! We had an amazing family holiday at the beginning of the summer in Penticton, and these past 2 weeks we were back in BC. Charley and I had the most amazing mommy daughter vacation! While we were living it up in Vancouver enjoying the water slides, Stanley Park, the Aquarium, Granville Island, and White Rock my amazing hubby was conquering the West Coast Trail! I am so proud of him, this is an amazing accomplishment. 

 ARVC has not only impacted myself it has also created struggles for those close to me. Jordan has felt guilty about working out since I was told to stop all exercise. To the point that he has almost stopped all exercise himself. It was always our plan to hike the West Coast Trail together. Unfortunately that is no longer in the cards for me. When the opportunity came up for Jord to hike the trail I encouraged him to go. Jordan felt bad going without me, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t struggle as he trained, but I don’t want to ever hold him back or make him feel guilty from accomplishing his fitness goals . 

It was also the first Summer Olympics since my diagnosis. I normally count down the days until the Olympics, they usually provide me such tremendous joy! I never miss a single swim or medal presentation. It is 16 days of being inspired to get out and push your body past the limits you thought it was capable of. As Audrey Roloff says there is Always More. I highly recommend you check out the link to her site and blog. Audrey’s perspective with these two simple words is wonderfully encouraging. However, from a physical perspective I am in a position that my body is not capable of more. I couldn’t even watch the Olympics this year. I hate that this disease has stolen my love of Olympic binge watching. I hate feeling fragile. I hate the emotional rollercoaster that is this journey. One day I am content with my new reality and the next I struggle to cope. I find the journey of grief is unique in that it forever remains unresolved. You never get over the loss, but you slowly learn to move through it. Along the journey there are numerous desultory triggers that bring your grief back to the surface. I realize that I have not experienced a loss in the traditional sense, but life as I knew it has forever changed due to my illness.

One of the ways I coped with Jordan heading for the West Coast Trail was to make the most of the time he was away. I decided that Charley and I would make some of our own memories. We ended up having the most wonderful week! We had a sleep over every single night, we went exploring each day, we consumed an impressive amount of ice cream, and we just enjoyed spending time with each other!  When I tucked Charley into bed after our long drive back home she said to me “mommy you are my best friend ever!!!!” All of my struggles of missing out on the West Coast were instantly gone! 

I took a break from the blog this summer and I am really looking forward to getting back to meal plans this week. It is time to refocus!

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In her happy place!
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My water baby!
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So big!
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Completely mesmerized!
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White Rock adventures 
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On a seashell hunt
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Building sandcastles
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Even when I struggle with my grief I know that I am abundantly blessed!