My Progress

My Progress

I will post my weight progress each week, my measurements each month, and my progress photos every other month. Any changes that you see are purely from proper nutrition. No exercise was used to attain these results other than light walking.

          Start                         2 months                  4 months

Before 1 DSC_1275 DSC_0568

Before 2 DSC_1277 DSC_0563

Before 3 DSC_1283 DSC_0561



Weight (lbs) Waist (in) Bust (in) Chest (in) Hips (in) Thigh (in) Calf (in) Arm (in)
Start 200 39 40 35 46 27 16 13
Month 1 190 38 39 33 44 26.5 15.5 12.5
Month 2 185 35 38.5 32.5 43 26 15 12
Month 3 182 34.5 37.5 32 42.5 25.5 15 12
Month 4 182 34 37.5 32 42.5 25.5 15 12
Month 5 182 34 37.5 32 42 25.5 15 11.5
Month 6 185 34 37 32 42 25 15 11.5
Month 7 185 34 37 32 42 25 15 11.5
Month 8 185 34 37 32 42 25 15 11
Month 9 185 33 37 31.5 42 25 15 11
Month 10 185 33 37 31 41.5 25 15 11

4 Months

Why I am viewing no changes as a success!

Sorry I am 1 week late getting my 4 month progress report out to you. There were absolutely no changes to talk about this month. No major weight loss and no significant inches lost. However, I am looking at those results as a major success!

This past month has been saturated with family events and celebrations. There was a family wedding, our anniversary, an 80th birthday party, Charley’s birthday and birthday celebration, my niece’s birthday, and a long weekend. Celebration equals fellowship with friends and family. Fellowship with friends and family leads to lots and lots of delicious food, which is often full of wonderful ingredients like fat and sugar. How can anyone turn down the hard work and love that family and friends have poured into a delicious cake or juicy burger? That is just mean! I don’t care what crazy diet you are on, or how self-disciplined you are, if you tried my cousin’s french toast casserole you would not say no either!

With all the celebrating that has happened in this past month I probably would have gained 10 pounds before the blog started. So the fact that my measurements and weight stayed exactly the same is actually a major success in my eyes.

On blog days I am usually very strict about what I eat. Everything is measured out; not eyeballed. I do not snack on Charley’s left over snacks or cut an extra piece of cheese or 2 or 3 or 4 for myself when I make her something to eat. By eating 4 days very strict I am able to enjoy the treats that come with times of celebration and fellowship. I do not feel like I have to deprive myself. As soon as I feel like I am having to deprive myself I will become resentful to this process and not enjoy it anymore. Avoiding resentment and finding balance is how I establish these healthy eating habits for the long term.

So the trick I have learned so far on my journey: for 4 days eat very strict and 3 days eat smart. During those 3 days is when you can indulge in the odd slice of cake, or burger with cheese and bacon (always within moderation).

3 Months

The results after three months were not spectacular! Weight-loss was minimal and of course my biggest measurement loss was from my bust; just where every girl hopes to lose inches! However, despite the dismal results this month I am not at all discouraged!

Before starting this blog I had horrible migraines, like within 24 hours of each other bad! Since starting this journey (knock on wood) I have not had a single migraine! I also never feel bloated, I have not been sick (It felt like I had a cold every other week before the blog), and I have a lot more energy! I feel amazing! Any weight-loss improvements are just a bonus compared to the significant lifestyle improvements that I am experiencing!

I was also expecting that I would experience plateaus with my weight-loss. I will have to sit down and come up with some new strategies to challenge my metabolism for this next month.

2 Months

The results after another 4 weeks on my journey to losing weight without diet or exercise are in!

Weight loss after week 5 was 0, I lost 2 pounds after week 6, week 7 I had gained 2 pounds, and week 8 I lost 5 pounds.

Being a personal trainer, I know full well that weight is a poor reflection of your actual progress. The scale, and BMI for that matter, have no way of compensating for body composition changes. However, by managing my weight solely through diet I expected this rule not to apply. Losing weight only by means of proper nutrition, my body is not being subjected to the same drastic changes in body composition as it would have been through fitness prescription. As a result, when I didn’t see any changes on the scale during week 5 and an increase during week 7 I became discouraged and slightly confused.

When I didn’t see any changes after week 5 I added the challenge of 10,000 steps a day. I did see a loss of 2 pounds that week, but as I explained in my blog that week my heart really struggled with that goal. 10,000 steps for me is not realistic. When I saw a gain of the weight back after week 7 I became really discouraged, but as I said also confused. I hadn’t seen any loss on the scale, and I know this will sound completely vain, but after week 7 I felt skinnier! If I was participating in a fitness program I would not think twice about it. No change on the scale is normal, and as I said before not a true reflection of progress made.

So after week ,7 and heading into week 8, I sat down to consider what other non-fitness strategies I had at my disposal. Water is an essential variable in biochemistry. So I wondered what kind of an impact drinking the recommended amount of water each day would have on my body. My nutritional analysis program recommends that I consume 92 fluid ounces of water each day. I have a water bottle that is 20 ounces and I drank 5 full bottles each day. When I step on the scale this morning I was completely SHOCKED by the results! It wasn’t even technically a full week, but after only 4 days of drinking 92-100 ounces of water each day I had lost 5 pounds!!! I shouldn’t be shocked by that result, we all know how important water is for our bodies, and I have taken numerous university chemistry courses, but there is something about theoretical knowledge that doesn’t sink in the same way reality does!

What I learned this week, water is truly the best natural way to lose weight without exercise!

However, with this being said don’t stop eating and live off a ridiculous intake of water each day! Everyone’s recommended intake of water is different. You also have to be careful with how water impacts your electrolyte levels. This is something as an individual with a heart condition I have to be very careful of! So while not enough water is bad for your body, an excessive amount of water can also be bad for your body! Don’t plan on reaching your bikini body in 2 weeks by drinking a hundred gallons of water. Everything in moderation!

1 Month

After one month the numbers are in! I have lost 10 pounds and a total of 7.5 inches. The first month of this journey has been a crazy amount of work, but I am truly enjoying every minute of it. The weight-loss has just been a bonus! I have felt that I have had more energy since watching my nutrient intake. However it could also be since my ICD was inserted and my arrythmias have been stabilized. I definitely think both factors have helped increase my energy levels. I am encouraged by my progress after a month and I am excited to see what next month holds. I am also curious if like a fitness program, I will reach a plateau at some point. We will take it week by week and see how it goes!


At the very beginning of the journey I made a promise that I would be HONEST about my journey and share all of my ups and downs. Now I am HONESTLY regretting that promise! Ugh I cannot believe what I am about to post for the entire world to see!

Clearly two and a half years of not being allowed to exercise, pregnancy, and not being allowed to breastfeed has taken its toll on my body! I knew it was bad, but luckily with the new style in fashion being baggy I have been able to hide many of my trouble spots. So when I tried on fitted clothing for the “before shot” I was in horror, I had no idea just how bad the last 2 and a half years has been! I was in absolute shock when I discovered that my start weight was 200 pounds, even though I am 5’11” that still gives me a BMI of 27.9! Oh well better late than never!

There is something extremely intimidating about posting a before picture without knowing if there will be an after picture! But here it goes, I promised to be honest! #nophotoshop (you have to keep a sense of humour)


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