The flu – 24 hours to a Victoria’s Secret model body, fingers crossed!

I have already experienced my first bump in the road on this journey. My goal was to go grocery shopping on Sunday and start my first meal plan on Monday. However, sunday morning I woke up and could not stop throwing up, a couple of hours later my husband also became violently sick. Our daughter had been throwing up all day friday. It was official the flu had struck our household!

The flu is absolutely horrible! The dance between lying in bed in the fetal position and running to the bathroom, trying not to hurl before you reach the toilet becomes exhausting! I don’t know if it is just me, but the entire time that I am in agony, I am so excited in the back of my mind for the 10 pounds that I will lose. I make  promises to never eat ever again or at least only healthy meals! McDonalds will never see another penny from me! But 24 hours later I am feeling 100% better and ready for chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce!

I am super unorganized in the morning and very often breakfast is skipped. But again my mind begins to get excited that a meal skipped means no calories consumed and I am losing weight! Right?!

Maybe I am the only one who has these thoughts, but my reasoning when it comes to losing weight is so far from rationale. But for some reason I cling to the hope that after one flu I will wake up the next morning having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model!

Unfortunately skipping meals and fasting is one of the worst habits you can adopt in an attempt to lose weight. Any weight loss that does occur from skipping meals or having the 24 hour flu bug is from water loss and dehydration. Aside from not actually losing body fat your body enters into starvation mode. Essentially your body thinks that it will not be receiving enough energy to conserve your body tissues. As a result, your metabolism slows down, holding onto fat and reducing its energy output (or in other words it reduces the number of calories burned).1 In fact, one of the symptoms of fasting is a reduction in fat loss! The moral of the story…do not skip a meal or fast in hopes of losing weight.

1. Whitney, Ellie, and Sharon Rady Rolfes. 2008. Understanding Nutrition. California:                    Thomson Wadsworth.